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Stefano Bonazzi - Smoke

Stefano Bonazzi is a digital artist from Ferrara, Italy. Stefano employs a unique combination of techniques from charcoal drawing, digital photo editing, and photography to produce his works.

Stefano Bonazzi:

 “All my work is infused with the prospect of life as a snub, a disillusioned and cynical vision that leads me to concentrate on the negative aspects of things. This way I look at reality, however, does not want to be a disenchantment end in itself, but rather an alternative viewpoint to spread niceness and false constituent of the bottom of our society. My creative path winds through the representation of states of mind tormented, but never definitive.”

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carl strum <3

carl strum <3

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Floof &lt;3 I hope your hand feels better

dawwww hallie &lt;3333


Floof <3 I hope your hand feels better

dawwww hallie <3333


this was like two years ago

but anyways so in this one part of my house there’s these three steps but omg they’re deadly

one time i was eating cereal and i slipped and fell and passed out and my cereal got everywhere. My sister said the last thing I yelled before I passed out was


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